One of our best experiences ever was to participate in the Vueling Together lipdub for christmas. We made an original lipdub (one sequence shoot) when anybody has a lipdub yet and it was just a triumph. We get thousands of plays, shares and visits on the minisite.

Carlos Moreno – Chief Risk Officer & Brand Designer

From concept to production

Working with Ubica Below‘s (awarded with GOLDEN FIP for best marketing viral action) concept it was time to produce and make magic with a brand, a minisite and even a a sub brand for the promo.

Soul communication

When somebody believes something it’s good, but when a huge company like Vueling and it’s employees put their entry soul in that promo it was unstoppable.

The power of viral actions

With this action we really felt the power of sharing. But there are no secrets, good vibes get good vibes and this is exactly what happened in this promo.

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