Expohotels needed a WordPress web line for its hotels with responsive and similar designs but respecting character of each hotel brand. We writed ad-hoc plugins and worked with five sub-teams from seo to content, marketing and internal IT teams.

Carlos Moreno – Chief Risk Officer & Brand Designer

Huge multilanguage

We have introduced and mantained all the contents in more than 4 languages. The organization is basic with so much information.

Ad-hoc plugins

When you integrate with external systems it is necessary to write ad-hoc plugins that meet non-standard needs.

Seo transition

When you change a big website you must be careful with old and new url’s because a big change can mean to loose SEO points.

Advanced templating

Defining clear templates is basic when applied in multi-site. Especially when the graphic line must be continuous.


Who does not love to enter a adapted website when we use our phones and our tablets?

6 websites talking to a central brain

Expohotels has a centralized booking experience so bookings and promos are launched from the main Expohotels website. We’ve written code due to be able to connect to connect them and even to receive promos.  This promos are only shown once in all Expohotels navigation experience so we implemented a cross-website strategy with our bros from Lecoati throwing a lightbox connected to they’re main website and retain as many costumers as we can.

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