We joined our pals Territorio Creativo  Good Rebels and proposed responsive web designs, creativity for corporate events and even internal social networks for its 75th anniversary.

Ramon Julià – Chief innovation officer

We love brainstorming

We proposed a 360º cinema for an immersive experience, an internal social network and even a mapping at the Sagrada Familia streaming to New York! We love to go crazy in brainstorming …


The professionalism and self-determination of Grifols was inspiring to demand the most from ourselves

Official website design

The design of the front-end responsive of the web of Grifols was worked with an intense exercise of UI & UX

Unshakable brand manuals

When the transcendence of a brand is worldwide, the manual brand becomes a bible and all proposals must be documented following their style so that designers, editors and publishers follow the same style.

Grifols Pioneering Spirit

Mockup, schematic design, template

Making previous stages of conceptualization for UI & UX is the most basic part when a web requires excellent load times and a straightforward and clear content hierarchy.

Our steps are: mockuping, schematic design to columns, and finally the graphic design on these bases. That allows us to ensure that the final template will faithfully follow the original proposal.

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