Wine is social. Bake is social so… Bake is Wine? Not at all.. but like wine, we try to improve with time… : )

We helped Wine is Social designing menu personalized templates for restaurants, using icons as a quick-catch of wine category, taste, texture…

Carlos Moreno – Chief Risk Officer & Brand Designer

Iconical concept

Icons are a typical small and simple resource but don’t take it as a joke. Often the most simple resources are the hardest to execute.

Wine is Design

Wine world is full of brilliant designs. We always analyze stickers and all wine stuff because it’s full of inspiration. From abstract concepts to tangible designs.

Dynamic design

It’s not easy to design when you are doing a sheet that is filled with dynamic contents. Often some spaces can get short o others can get too large so it’s important to study multiple cases in order to get a solid solution.

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