After accompanying AECOC for 9 years we were presented with a general change. We had so much fun releasing what we learned from them for so long and remolding it to a new brand level.

Long term challenge

Designing for years in multiple areas for a company denotes ability to adapt to an external team.

Design for events

There is a large way of knowledge behind the events: formats, times, setbacks … It’s a whole world that we have discovered with Aecoc.

On Off

When a brand has a strong presence in both worlds the organization is the basis of success.

Not only design

We put all our creative team to think the character, the way of talking, dressing and thinking of the proposed brand.

In order to follow our line of involvement we also proposed several innovation actions for events related to before, during and after events.

Big brand universe

Data tables, learning sheets, brochures, presentations, roll-ups, banners, videos…

It is very important to know how to be flexible when a client demands global coverage. Aecoc is a brand that works with multiple sectors and gives an example of strategy at all levels, therefore its brand and its applications must be impeccable.

After so much time we have been able to contribute solvency and pluridisciplinarity so that whatever the challenge, can include us in its solution.

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