As Openbravo’s partner, we love the diversity of it’s nature. They help companies that try to improve with technology so they’re spirit is similar to ours. From printed materials to infographics or online templates.

Noemí García – Art Director


We take very seriously data when it’s mission is to transmit numbers, flows or other kind information. Sometimes it became boring so we try to give it a turn and make it just funny.

Reference brand

When a brand is intended to guide others, its image in any field must convey trust. With Openbravo our mission is to adapt any content to any format.

Printed materials

We take special care of printed materials. It’s not easy to control every single detail in the digital process to ensure that the final result will be perfect. We do fine tuning as well as color testing with printers to ensure the final result.

Telling stories

Telling stories with graphic design is something we enjoy. As you can see, taking care of small details is what gives sense to the entry infographic. From colors, perspective, small pictograms or text disposition, every single detail is important to make it easy to read.

Funny elements

Sometimes we dismiss the importance of message’s tone. Openbravo gave us  freedom to design some infographic with funny elements that makes user interest grow in a quick view.

Vectorial universe

Designing with vectorial technics has some limitations but compared to bitmap graphics it’s scalable and it’s perfect when you need to use the same design into multiple formats.

Long-term partnership

With Openbravo we traced a partner relationship so we work with them in a regular strategy. We win stability and they win an expandable/collapsable workflow without dependance (win-win).

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