Teachers Pro is an educational project focused on improve teacher’s technics. Federico Malpica is the entrepreneur (CEO & Founder) and we really love the way he inspires teachers with technology. Our mission is to let him do the job without any graphic obstacle and simplify the UI in order to ease teacher’s understanding.

Marc Brunet – Creative Director


When target is not usually in touch with technologies as a working tool is specially important to minify buttons, banners, navigation and every single element.

Social impact

This tool match exactly our mission of a “social impact project” because teachers and schools are our social base for tomorrow.

Multipurpose materials

Roll-ups, magazines, books, posters.. Every application from the same start point: your brand.

So many brands often think they’re only digital, but when reality comes they need lots of applications so it’s important to get a clear vision of positive and negative applications and much more secrets hidden in the branding world.

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